Fotric 326 Handheld Thermal Camera 30Hz 384x288 True Infrared Pixels 1,202F Range

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Higher Resolution, Higher Frame Rate, More Features, Lower Cost 

Key Features and Specifications

    • IR Resolution: True 384x288 pixel, 30Hz frame rate.
    • Adjustable focus lens and Cost-effective optional lenses
    • Temperature Range-4°F to 1,202°F (-20~650°C)
    • 5 Spots, 5 Boxes of temperature measurement, Auto High/Low-Temperature spot
    • Screen Size: 3.5 Inch Built-In Screen.  Upgradable. Support a Smartphone as a Large 5.5" HD Touchscreen.
    • Onsite Emissivity set on the smartphone
    • Laser Pointer: Yes
    • Text and Voice Annotation (60 seconds)
    • Warranty: 2 Years
    • Record radiometric video on the smartphone
    • User-defined temperature alert

    Rugged, Durable, Accurate and Portable Camera

    Professional Grade Thermal Imager. Make the inspection of equipment easier and efficiently. 

    Fotric 326 handheld thermal camera 01 rugged design

    Value Added to the Predictive Maintenance Program (PDM)

    High-resolution, high accuracy, high sensitivity, and F1.0 large aperture IR lens take super quality radiometric thermal images for professionals. Suitable for mechanical, electrical inspection, moisture detection, etc.

    Fotric 326 handheld thermal camera 02

    Powerful Features

    Easy to use and save time on inspection job. 

    Fotric 326 handheld thermal camera 03 features

    Smartphone as the Display Screen

    Easy to Use APP and On-Camera Analysis

    Reliable and simple connection to an Android smartphone via Micro-USB. Upgrade to an HD touchscreen on the smartphone. Easy to use Fotric LinkIR App. Turn the traditional thermal camera into a smart thermal camera. After you take the picture, you can do the analysis on-site, and share images instantly with colleagues or social media. 

    Fotric 326 handheld thermal camera 05 Smartphone as screen display

    Record Radiometric Image and Video

    With the smartphone on the Fotric 326, you can record up to 1,000 single short radiometric video clips directly on the camera with the smartphone (up to 5 fps).


    Standard Battery

    One battery in the camera provides 2.5+ hours of battery use time and they are standard batteries used on Canon DSLR visible cameras. Easy to obtain at low cost. 

    FREE Professional Analysis and Reporting Software - AnalyzIR

    Powerful analysis tools, 3D plot, temperature history, profile and histogram plot, reporting with up to 200 images at one time, etc. 

    Fotric AnalyzIR Software Interface 1

    Temperature Difference Analysis and Raw T Data Matrix Export

    Temperature difference analysis and 3D plot

    Affordable Optional Infrared Lens

    • L07-326 Super Telephoto lens 7 degrees;
    • L15-326 Telephoto lens 15 degrees;
    • L47-326 Wide-angle lens 47 degrees;


    Application Solutions

    • Leak Problems — Locate hidden water leaks before larger and costly water damage problems happen.
    • Electrical Problems — Discover potential electrical issues such as faulty wiring, failing circuits, loose connections, etc.
    • Missing Insulation Problems — Reveal missing insulation location by comparing temperature with the neighboring areas.
    • HVAC Problems — Detect and troubleshoot any leaks from AC duct, heating, and radiant flooring problems.
    • Air Infiltration Problems — Look for the path of air or energy leak around the house and building.
    • Mold and Rot Problems — Check temperature differences due to moisture exposure to prevent significant loss and health hazards.
    • Destructive Pest Problems — Track cave excavation and nesting insects and rodents before the costly loss.

    Thermal Image Examples

    • Substation Inspection
    • Distribution Cabinet Testing
    • Capacitor Detection
    • Motor Inspection
    • Solar Panel Inspection
    • Transformer and Other Transmission Equipment Inspection
    • Base Station and Other Equipment Maintenance
    • High Temperature and High-Pressure Equipment Inspection
    • Bearing, Brake Pad, Wheel Hub, and Other Operation and Structural Device Inspection
    • HVAC Inspection - Ground Heating
    • Tunnel Inspection
    • Metal Die-casting Inspection

    Fotric 326 handheld thermal camera 04 Applications 

    Specifications - Fotric 326 Thermal Camera

    Fotric 326 General Specifications
    Thermal Imaging IR Resolution 384×288
    Field of View (FOV) 28°×21°
    Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) <0.06°C@30°C
    Spatial Resolution (IFOV) 1.27mrad
    Digital Zoom 1~8x
    Detector Type Focal Plane Array (FPA) uncooled microbolometer
    Spectral Range 8~14µm
    Minimum Focus Distance 0.15m
    Focus Manual
    Measurement and Analysis Temperature Range -20°C~650°C (-4°F~1,202°F)
    Measurement Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% whichever is greater @ Environment Temperature 10°C ~35°C
    Automatic Capture of High and Low Temperature Support
    ROI Measurement Modes 5 moveable area boxes (min/max)
    8 moveable spots
    1 moveable line (min/max)
    Correction Settings Emissivity, reflected background temperature, relative humidity, ambient temperature, measuring distance, transmission
    Emissivity Adjustment 0.01~1.0, or pick up from the built-in material list
    Image Display Built-in Display Screen 3.5 inch
    Display Mode Thermal image, visible light image, picture-in-picture fusion
    Color palette 5 color palette options
    Image Consistency Optimization Automatic noise calibration FFC / Manual noise calibration FFC
    Professional Features Color Alarm (Isotherm) Above / Below threshold
    Temperature Measurement Alarm User-defined temperature threshold, audible and visual alarm of above/below temperature threshold
    Voice Annotation 60s voice annotation. Save with image.
    Text Annotation Support text annotation. Save with image.
    Handheld Thermal Camera with Smartphone Take radiometric image on Smartphone Support
    Take fully radiometric Video on Smartphone Support
    Battery Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-ion
    Single Battery Use Time 2.5 hours
    Auto Shut-off Support
    Storage and Transfer Image Save Mode Single thermal image, Mixed image of thermal and visible light
    SD Card Standard 16G
    Data Output Micro-USB
    Video Output Support, PAL/NTSC composite video
    Audio Support, 3.5mm audio interface
    Power Supply and Environment Power Interface DC 12V
    Operation Temperature -20°C~50°C (-4°F~122°F)
    Storage Temperature -40°C~70°C (-40°F~158°F)
    Relative Humidity <90% RH
    Physical Parameters Enclosure Rating IP54
    Weight 1,006g
    Size 310mm×130mm×110mm
    Warranty 2 Years
    *Up to 3 lenses per camera (including standard lens)


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