Fotric 226B AI Group Temperature Screening Thermal Camera FREE Software

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AI infrared thermal camera system for a safer non-contact instant elevated temperature detection and alarm! 

  • Real-time safe non-contact screening and accurately identify suspected individuals with abnormal high temperature without obstruction.
  • Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) self-calibrates to the environmental temperature without manual intervention.
  • Easy to operate with simple user interface.
  • Fotric 226B is not a medical device and can only be used to measure temperature


Automatically facial temperature lock

Fotric 226B comes with WLIR software are standard. WLIR has a built-in AI face detection module, automatically lock face for temperature measurement, intelligently shield high-temperature sources other than faces in scenes. 

AI Intelligent temperature calibration algorithm to prevent false alarms

Fotric 226B WLIR software has a built-in body temperature calibration algorithm, which automatically collects face temperature in different scenarios for self-learning, and adjusts the body temperature alarm threshold in real time by adapting to ambient temperature changes, preventing people who report abnormal body temperature due to morning or night temperature differences. 

Automated and instant alarms for abnormal body temperature detection

When Fotric 226B detects an abnormal temperature, voice alarm will be triggered immediately, along with a red box shown on the target face on the real-time video with an automatic snap shot of both infrared image and visible light image. 

Automatically snapshot of abnormal body temperature alarms and statistics

When an alarm is triggered, system will automatically capture a photo of the detected person for later statistics and analysis. Fotric WLIR can automatically count the number of screened personnel and the number of suspected abnormal body temperature alarms during the screening process, for an epidemic prevention and control.

Screen single or multiple lines simultaneously

Fotric 226B enhanced with built-in AI can screen mass human flow simultaneously. Best practice is indoor use with a detection distance of 2.6 ft to 10.5 ft. 


High quality radiometric image with accurate temperature measurement

Fotric 226B is equipped with Polysilicon FPA, a single photo records more then 110k effective temperature measuring points, even human hair can be seen. 

Fotric 226B high quality radiometric infrared thermal image

Temperature measurement stability of 0.5C

Fotric 226B supports 7x24 hours of continuous temperature monitoring operation with a temperature stability of 0.5C. 

Fotric 226B P14 stable temperature measurement within 0.5 degree C with different distances


AI intelligent adjustment to environmental temperature to ensure ongoing accuracy.

Automatically human face recognition for detection to avoid false alarms

Built in AI dual light face detection algorithm, only detect face temperature with 100% passing rate. Other hot or cold object such as hot water won't trigger the abnormal temperature detection alarm. Note: the hot object cannot be placed right in front of the face :)

Fotric 226B AI automatic face detection and skin temperature measurement

Intelligent AI temperature calibration algorithm to prevent misreporting

Built in AI deep learning temperature calibration algorithm can automatic collect face temperature in different scenarios for self learning to adapt ambient temperature changes real time adjustment, i.e. body temperature varies during day and night.

 Fotric 226B AI machine learning temperature calibration

More AI features in Fotric WLIR software

AI with self learning, automatically people counting, etc.


  • Efficient & rapid abnormal temperature screening
  • Temperature range of 20˚C to 60 ˚C (68˚F - 140˚F)
  • Non-stop mass human flow screening
  • Audible sound alarm / visual red box indicator alarm
  • A.I. Self compensation for changes to ambient temperatures and distances
  • Scan multiple faces simultaneously
  • Non-contact measurement - ensuring safety of detection personnel
  • High resolution with 384 x 288 true IR pixels
  • Continuous 24 hour monitoring with a temperature stability of ±0.5˚C
  • Indoor use for best performance indoor, detect distance 0.8m to 3.2m
  • Fotric WLIR software included with built-in Artificial Intelligence AI
  • Automatically locks face temperature, disregards miscellaneous external temps
  • Automatically count the number of screened personnel / abnormal cases recorded
  • Captures the image of suspect temperature and displays it on screen

SPECIFICATIONSFotric 226B with 384x288 IR pixels

• -IR Resolution 384 x 288 (110,592) pixels
• -Temperature range 68°F~140°F (20°C~60°C)
• -Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) <0.5°C @ 30°C
• -Field of View (FOV) 28°H x 21°V
• -Detector type Polysilicon FPA, uncooled microbolometer, 17um, Spectral range 8-14um
• -Frame rate 50Hz
• -High accuracy (Temperature Stability) ±0.5°C
• -Alarm Function, color alarm and audio alarm
• -Radiometric Image Format, Standard JPEG with temperature data
• -Software, FREE, WLIR Body Temperature Screening Software
-24x7 continuously with AC power
• -1 year warranty


  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Bus Stations
  • Concerts
  • Educational Institution
  • Government facilities
  • Border control
  • Military facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Port of Entries
  • Public Events
  • Shopping malls
  • Supermarket
  • Zoo

How to get started with the Fotric 226B camera?

FOTRIC 226B Fever Screening Thermal Camera - Software and Manual Video



Fotric 226b fever screening camera is developed for quick temperature screening of mass human traffic and alarm for abnormal temperature. Fotric 226b is not marketed or intended to be used as a medical device. This device does not determine the core body temperature of subjects. Actual core body temperature can only be determined using an approved clinical measurement device. Further medical inspection should be performed to confirm the screened and alarmed out people. For proper and effective use of Fotric 226b, please contact us

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