FOTRIC 226B Fever Screening Thermal Camera - Software and Manual Video

FOTRIC 226B Thermal Camera

This page contains the information of software and manual videos needed to get started with Fotric 226b thermal imager. 

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FOTRIC 226b WLIR Software

Fotric WLIR software is upgraded with AI face-recognition algorithm which matches and locks the visible light human face with the corresponding region of interest on the radiometric infrared image in real-time. The built in artificial intelligence can ignore other hot objects in the field of view and only measure the temperature of the face recognized to avoid false high temperature alarms. The built in AI temperature calibration automatically collects face temperatures in different scenarios for self-learning and adapts the ambient temperature changes in real-time without manual adjustment. The operator can manually adjust the threshold of high temperature alarm. These turn the thermal camera into a very helpful adjunct fever detection tool for mass human traffic flow screening.


FAQ of Fotric 226B thermal camera and Fotric WLIR software

Why do I get an error message "Invalid matching. ir image are not fully included in dc image." when I tried to match the IR and DC image?

This error message popup when portion of IR camera field of view stands out of the scope of the digital image. The solution is adjust the DC image and try different distance between the camera and the match person position with the steps below to follow

  • Stand in front the camera, check whether the DC camera lens is aligned well vertically with the IR camera lens, if not, move the DC camera toward left or right to make the close vertical alignment.
  • Get someone standing 2, 2,5, or 3m distance from the camera, remember this distance selection. By default it is 2m. 
  • Rotate the DC camera up/down to so every part of the person shown on the IR image should also be seen on the DC image
  • There is a small arrow next to the menu "Match". Select the right distance and click "Match" to start the matching process. 
  • Move the red dot and green dot on both IR image and DC image around the human head. Make sure the feature position on the IR image can match the the same feature position on the DC image. Such as the ear, top left face corner, neck, etc.

Can I not save images?

  • You can go to system setting -> alarms -> uncheck the box for "Alarm snapshot" or "Face recognition snapshot"

Can it hide the digital image?

  • You can go to system setting -> privacy mode. By this way, it will only display the infrared image.

FOTRIC 226b Applications

Help combat CoronaVirus outbreak in China as a fever screening thermal camera in airport, school, manufacture plant, etc.