FOTRIC 225RD Kit vs FLIR ETS320 Benchtop Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Comparison

What's the difference between the FOTRIC 225RD thermal imaging camera kit and FLIR ETS320 benchtop thermal cameras?

Fotric 225rd kit vs Flir ETS320 thermal camera 

 Key Differences

  • Accuracy: ±2°C(±3.6°F) or 2%
  • Screen Size: 5.5-inch HD full-touchscreen. 
  • Focus: Manual, adjustable
  • Lens: Interchangeable
  • Aperture: f/1.0
  • Battery Time: 10+ Hours
  • Software: Fotric AnalyzIR, included
  • Voice and Text Annotation: Yes. 60 s.
  • Frame Rate: 30 Hz
  • Adjustable Display: Yes
  • Upgradable Display: Yes
  • Accuracy: ±3°C(±5.4°F) or 3%
  • Screen Size: 3-inch
  • Focus: Fixed, not adjustable
  • Lens: Fixed
  • Aperture: f/1.5
  • Battery Time: 4 Hours
  • Software: Flir ResearchIR, extra $$$$
  • Voice and Text Annotation: No
  • Frame Rate: 9 HzAdjustable Display: No. Fixed
  • Upgradable Display: No. Fixed


In-Depth Specification Comparison between Flir ETS320 and Fotric 225RD Kit



Fotric 225RD kit


Market Price


$ 3,125.00


IR Resolution

320 x 240

320 x 240

Medium and high-end thermal imaging resolution

Temperature Range





225RD kit has a wider temperature measurement range


±3°C(±5.4°F) or 3%

±2°C(±3.6°F) or 2%

225RD kit has better temperature measurement accuracy

LCD Screen


5.5”, 720P or higher

225RD is paired with 5.5” large full HD touchscreen. You can upgrade the display with a newer advanced smartphone.

Temperature Analysis

3 spots, 3 boxes, 1 line

8 spots, 1 line, and 8 boxes, Movable

225RD can read and analyze more data instantly, convenient for field use


Fixed focus distance, f/1.5

Manual focus, f/1.0

A manual-focused lens is better for R&D with clearer thermal images

Interchangeable Lens


Support. Telephoto lens, wide angle lens, super wide angle lens

225RD allows users to choose the right lens for the applications. 

Continuous online monitoring N/A Support, various trigger conditions Fotric 225RD kit can work non-stop and record up to a single 1TB radiometric video

Fully-Radiometric Short Video*



Fotric 225RD kit can record fully-radiometric thermal video with the smartphone with up to 1,000 frames


4 hours

10+ hours

Fotric 225RD kit can last for 1-day work under normal use without charging or replacing the battery

Fixed Installation

Test bench only.

Tripod; Test bench

Fotric 225RD camera can be installed on the tripod while ETS320 is fixed.

*   Fully-radiometric short thermal video stream refers that each frame of the video stream preserves the original temperature of each pixel.

  Note: Information is collected from the internet and for reference only.